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The castle had been quiet for the past couple of days. Jamie thought it could be attributed to the increase of homework as they got further into the year. She felt bad for her older and younger counterparts, and was glad that she did not have to struggle through the NEWTs or OWLs this year. She could not spare much time to pity, though, becasue she had almost as much work herself. She had been halfway through her Herbology homework when she realized that she had a one-foot esay due the next day in Potions and she had yet to start it.

She grabbed her books and started on ehr way to the library. She felt she had been there a lot more often lately. She did not mind going down tonight though. The library was alwasy very peaceful in the evening after dinner. The candlelight flickered gently along the old walls, and it was silent except for the scratching of quills or flipping of pages. Jamie found comfort in the serene environment. She figured she might even find some company tonight, as it seemed the whole of the upperclassmen were doing some kind of homework.

When she had finally reached the library, she headed toward the west wall. Her favorite place in the library was a soft, old green couch that was situated under the west-looking window. From the right angle, you could see the Quidditch or the sunset form teh couch, although it was pretty much blocked form sight form the rest of the library. Jamie headed immediately to her spot.

When she got there, though, someone was already occupying her couch.

She cleared her throat impatiently and waited for a response from the "chair stealer."


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