slytherpuff_gen (slytherpuff_gen) wrote in hogwarts_05,

Open RP ((Besides being restricted to Slytherins, considering the setting))

Genna sat in the Slytherin common room, a book closed in her lap as she sat on the sofa, facing the long-since extinguished fireplace. She placed the tip of her quill lightly on the paper, making a small ink dot, and leaving it there. She couldn't find the words to write, and felt stifled, since she was used to the common room being noisy and filled with fellow Slytherins. Today they all seemed to be out, and the common room was unnaturally silent and undisturbed.

Maybe that was something to be greatful for, she thought, smiling ruefully, and averting her attention her own cat-making its way down the steps of the girls' dormitory. She patted the spot on the sofa next to her, catching the feline's attention, and watched it hop up on the sofa to greet her. Genna scratched the skinny creature's ear, and looked at the entrance to the common room wistfully, or maybe even expectantly, as if waiting for someone (anyone) to enter.
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