alicia_sprang (alicia_sprang) wrote in hogwarts_05,

Alicia's Enterance (Open to any and all Gryffindors or anyone who happens to want to talk!)

Alicia walked into the Great Hall with her head held high. She knew that it would be hard to make new friends, but, on the other hand, people tend to flock towards what is knew and unknown. She didn't think she would have too much trouble finding someone to talk to.
Earlier that day she had arrived from Beauxbatons. All she wanted to do was forget about what had happened there. Coming to Hogwarts was her escape. She had a private sorting, and was now a Gryffindor student. Walking over to the Gryffindor table for dinner, she sat in an empty spot in the middle of the table, amongst friendly faces and chattering classmates
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