Melinda Rose (melinda_rose) wrote in hogwarts_05,
Melinda Rose

Open RP

Mel exited the Gryffindor dorm and headed towards the Library. On her way she passed by Filtch's office and, not looking, she tripped over his list of banned items and fell head first to the floor. There was a loud slamming noise as the ground came up to meet her and her chin hit the ground. After a stream of curse words, she finally righted herself and glanced around. She had managed to rip off the last twenty items of the list. Noticing no one was around, she quickly shoved it under his office door with her shoes and limped her way towards the Library. It was pretty early in the morning but Mel has always been a morning person. Besides, aside from Madame Pince and a few Ravenclaws, no one was ever in here this early. Well, usually anyway...
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